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Sid cleared to work! Huzzah!

Siddy went to the vet yesterday for joint x-rays and has gotten the all-clear to be a mobility dog. His hips and elbows look excellent and the growth plates in his long bones are closed, so he’s good to go. That was the last hurdle I have no control over, from here on out it’s all training.

Wednesday he also went in for a bath. Usually Daniel drops him off for baths but I hit a deer Wednesday morning and was home from work dealing with my insurance company. Whee. Anyway, that meant I got a look at all the options on the bath form…

Sid, a black German Shedder, stands smiling into the camera, looking a wee bit dorkish.  Hey, what's going on with his paws....

A close-up of Sid's ginormous front paws, clearly displaying the fact that his nails have been painted shiny silver.

Yes. I had them paint my dog’s nails. You want to make something of it?? The silver nails look quite dashing against his black fur, I think. I am highly tempted to buy a bottle of dog nail polish for home use to touch them up between groomings. Although it did occur to me that gold would look better with his Service Dog gear which is all tan leather. Something to consider.

In poultry news, we lost one of the two bantam chicks who hatched out last weekend, which sucks. The other is still going pretty strong. Today we’ll be delivering the six blue-laced red wyandotte chicks to Blackthorn Kennel, where we will pick up four crele pullets for Merlin, bringing him to a grand total of six ladies. Then the bantam EE’s and the non-bearded silkies that are in the little banty pen will move into the big banty pen and Merlin and his six ladies will get their own home in the little banty pen. When the ladies start laying, we will have our own little breeder flock of creles! Stripey chickens for everyone, really.

This fall, we’ll be building a pen for Mad Mel the Magnificent and giving him the non-bearded silkie ladies for his very own so that I will have more showgirls when I want them. Then we just have to figure out how to set up breeder pens for silkies for next spring when they’re mature enough to be a breeding population! I am aiming to start showing my silkies next fall, so I need to pick the best and group them into breeding populations. Should be fun times.

3 thoughts on “Sid cleared to work! Huzzah!

  1. Siddy looks awesome. I love how he is posing his pawsies.

  2. Siddy had a “padicure”! I’d definitely go for a gold or maybe bright bronze next time…it would highlight his eyes. :)

  3. needs moar rhinestones.

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