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And then there were two

We had a great time yesterday with Crispin and Clementine’s new people who came down for a bit of a visit, a tour of the Manor (it’s small, so those don’t take as long as you might think) and then departed with the fuzzybutts. Zille approved as she was able to con them both into throwing her ball for her. Sid of course embarrassed me by acting as if we have never done any training ever about things like keeping our paws on the ground when greeting people.

At any rate we had a grand ol time and hopefully they did, too. On Monday I’ll be calling the vet to arrange speutering for Constantine and Coriander, who have their homes lined up, and then it will be a matter of coordinating trips to drop them off at their new homes and we will be kitten-free, a state which is simultaneously sad (they are such adorable little boogers) but happy (they are also tiny terrorists who try to climb your legs and they’re better off in homes of their own). Then it will be time to bring mama Briar Rose in; she already has a home lined up so a quick run through the vet process and off she goes if all goes well, and that will be the last of the adult breeding females we know about in the Manor Cat colony.

Meanwhile, population count in the incubator is four hatched blue-laced red Wyandotte chicks, with two more pipped and pondering hatching. Another bantam egg has pipped, and even more excitingly, Ayinnanku’s egg has pipped! There is a 50/50 chance that baby will come out with a naked neck, and it should be either blue or black. It will almost definitely have feathery legs!

Later I must go on a photo safari and get updated pics of One and Three, from the first Hatchapalooza, as well as pics of two “black game” bantams I picked up yesterday. It’s a busy world filled with poultry and kittens, gentle readers.

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