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An eventful day at the Manor

Last night when I went to bed, two of the eggs in the incubator had pipped. This morning I woke up to one damp and exhausted chick and two new pips for a total of three.

Later today, Crispin and Clementine’s new people will arrive, get the Grand Tour of the Manor, and then depart, taking 50% of the kitten population with them. And I will call the vet and set up spay and neuter appointments for Coriander and Constantine in preparation for getting them into their new homes so that we can bring Briar Rose in, who already has a likely home lined up. Easiest cat placement ever.

Meanwhile, we’ll be watching the eggs hatch. It’s a slow process but a lot of fun (for the spectators at least) and results in tiny dinosaur-lookin chickens that dry out into adorable fluffiness. You can follow along on Twitter, where I’m @civilwarbore and using the hashtag #hatchapalooza.

One thought on “An eventful day at the Manor

  1. Just so you’re aware… It has been entirely too long since we’ve seen a picture of Sid. Just sayin’.

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