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Coriander Wants Her Own Home

EDIT: Coriander has a home to go to! Huzzah!

Three of Briar Rose’s four kittens have homes to go to. Crispin and Clementine, as a matter of fact, go home THIS SATURDAY. Constantine will go home to live with his Manor Cat big brother Juniper as soon as we get him fattened up enough to get neutered. One thing that I have been planing for long time is to get new heating system for my home. I have heard that Classic AC and Heating company is one of the best in my area. If you are looking for home security services, visit for more details.

But gentle readers, no one has spoken up for Coriander. Clearly, this is an oversight on the part of the internet because is she gorgeous? She is! Is she adorable? She is! Does she have a marvelous spotty tummy? She does!

So here we go again. I am about to hit you with kitten pictures that demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that this exotically beautiful cutie is someone’s dream kitten. Someone out there in this world, gentle readers, needs this kitten in their life, and we will have to hook them up. Details on adoption are on the end of the post, but meanwhile… How can you look at this face and not start immediately shopping for kitten supplies?
An X-TREEM close-up of Coriander's gorgeous face, showing off her golden-brown tabby markings, her perfect black eyeliner which is nicely set off by paler fur around her eyes, and her gorgeous greeny-gold eyes.

Or if that face looks too much like Srs Cat Is Srs for your tastes, how bout THIS face?
Coriander lounges in my lap and looks at the camera, the tip of her tongue poking out of her mouth.

She is playful!
Coriander stretches full-length in a cat bed to bat at my fingers.

Coriander lies on her side, revealing beautiful tabby stripes that shade from dark brown to gold, all on a pale tawny background, and looks up at the camera wide-eyed and innocent, one front paw still on my toes, as I attempt to interrupt her assault on my foot.

Coriander attacks the side of her blue faux-fleece lined cat bed.

And yet, she also loves to be cuddled and petted!
A close-up of Coriander's head and chest, her face in three-quarters profile to show off her beautiful gold tabby markings on her face, as she lounges comfortably in my arms.

Coriander leans into my fingers as I scritch her cheek, leaning so hard that her head is turned sideways.

Coriander makes a silly face as she leans up to head-butt my hand.

And last but not least, the coup de grace of cute, she also loves to have her spotty tummy tickled:
Coriander lies on her back in my lap getting her tummy tickled, and turns her head to be cute at the camera -- the kitten can multi-task!

Slightly Non-Standard Kitten Boilerplate:

1) She always has a place here. If the new owner cannot keep her for any reason, I will not ask questions, I will not judge, I will not grouse on my blog. I will just come get the cat and bring her back to the Manor.

2) I will drive up to four hours from Fredericksburg. This covers most of the state of Virginia, a good chunk of Maryland, a good chunk of West Virginia, and even goes as far as Gettysburg, PA (I take the back roads to avoid I-95). We also have transportation for her up to 2 hours north and east of Gettysburg, and within a couple hours of Knoxville, TN.

3) She must be an indoor kitty. Coriander has lived the outdoor life and now deserves to be safe in a climate-controlled environment with soft beds and lots of toys.

4) No declawing. It’s mean. Just no.

5) Yes, she is adorable. But you know what? Surprise kittens make crap gifts, y’all. Therefore I will need to be in contact with the actual person with whom young miss Coriander will be living. I do not care how well you know your friend/roomie/spouse/partner/parent/sibling/dentist. Coriander is not a good present.

6) She is FIV/FeLV negative and has had her first set of vaccines. She will be spayed before she goes to her forever home and will get her rabies vax at that time.

7) So far she is very fond of her siblings, would probably do fine with an older cat who didn’t try to kill her when her terrorist kitten tendencies came to the fore, and needs a home with either a low prey-drive dog or an owner VERY dedicated to safe management. She is not thrilled about dogs but then again every time she meets them, Sid tries to lick her. I wouldn’t be thrilled if someone 20 times my size tried to lick me, either.

8) She is a little more cautious and timid than her three siblings. Her new owner will need to be patient and dedicated to wooing her. I’d also STRONGLY recommend giving her only a small area (like a bathroom) when she first gets home and then letting her explore at her own speed once she’s comfortable there. She can’t be rushed, but once she decides that you give good noms and good pettins, she is all about interacting.

I know you’re out there, patient person who wants to sit in your bathroom floor and read a book while a kitten discovers you. I have your kitten, you just need to get in touch!

8 thoughts on “Coriander Wants Her Own Home

  1. you are KILLING me – a stripey torti kitteh??? And too far away =(
    and I have a job so I can have another cat to help beat Grif up and give Banzai a run for his money

  2. I want her x1,000,000 but we already have three beasties and my fiance would murder me and hide my body in the backyard.

    Oh, and we’re in Canada and maybe a bit far away! ;)

  3. My roommate gave me permission for one, but will not let me take both. I’ll share everywhere I can think of so that we find Coriander her home.

  4. I would dearly love to give Coriander a home, but wouldn’t be able to until September 5th. She is a gorgeous, lovely kitten. :)

  5. At the risk of becoming a “cat guy”, I have to say I’m quite interested. Coriander is just too cute!

    I have two cats already – one 5 year old male, and one 3 year old male, the second of which I got because the first needed companionship, and after reading that the dynamic between an older and younger male tends to be a healthy one.

    So that leads me to ask if how you think a younger female would get along with two older males? My older guy is docile, kinda fearful. The younger is smallish for being the runt in the litter, but makes up for it with hyperactivity. Well, maybe not hyper, but he likes to pick on the older guy.

    5 year old:
    3 year old:

    If this form gives you my email address, please feel free to contact me that way. I prefer that to going back and forth in the comments here. =)

  6. If you can convince my landlord to let me have a kitten? Done and done. *sigh*

  7. Yeah, if the housemate had let us, I would SO want to take Coriander. I wanted her when mom showed me the link to her and Constantine, but mom’s word is law and we can’t get both.

    I hope you find her a home! She’s a gorgeous girl and deserves a good place.

  8. I want this kitteh so bad….but I live way too far away, and my partner wouldn’t accept a new baby. I hope she finds a great home.

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