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Interesting times!

Yesterday we went up to Dylan’s Silkies and picked up four silkies. I know, you’re shocked, given the name of the place we went.

Please welcome Orias, Malphas, Murmur, and Abaddon. Orias and Malphas are about a month old and are lavender silkies, Murmur is a buff partridge who we sincerely hope is a pullet, and Abaddon is a flame-red boy we strongly suspect of being a rooster. Are there pictures? Of course!

Orias, a pearly grey silkie just starting to shift from chick down to adult feathers, crouches in front of my hand for scale.  He is teeny tiny, his body about as long as my hand.

Malphas is slightly paler, more of a luminous grey than pearly, and crouches and stares directly into the camera.  He is just starting to acquire crest feathers, which are rakishly backswept like a bad combover.

Murmur stands in profile to the camera.  Her body has attained ridiculous poofiness, but her head and neck are still working on it.  Her crest is starting to develop nicely.  Her head, neck, and breast are pale gold, while her wings, back, leg feathers, and poofy tail are ashen grey.

And finally Abaddon the Destroyer, Lord of the Bottomless Pit (and a jewel among silkies):
Abaddon stands with his body in profile to the camera but his face turned toward it, which means that all you can see of his face is his black beak protruding from a floof of flame-red feathers.  The trailing edges of his wings and tail have a scattering of black in them.  He has achieved a magnificent, incredible, and slightly ridiculous utter floofiness.

And then tonight after dinner, I managed to get a third kitten of Briar Rose’s, the little black and white one. He is painfully skinny and also really frightened of human beings at the moment, so no pictures. He’s safely tucked up in the bathroom with Crispin and Clementine, and we’ve seen to it that there is gooshyfood all around, and Daniel and I sat in there and petted Crispin and Clementine a bit to make them purr thunderously, which relaxed the new guy enough that he crept into the little kitten house (specially re-erected just for him) and then ate the gooshynoms we offered him in there. It’s an auspicious beginning, and I hope to get pics for you, gentle readers, as soon as it will not terrify the bejesus out of the little guy.

Tomorrow we’re off to pick up a trio of red partridge silkies, and then my little flock will pretty much be complete. I’m looking forward to settling in and enjoying my chickens, and next year there will be chicks from my own flock!

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