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A Belphegor Retrospective

Baby Belphegor:
Belphegor, a black baby silkie, stands with his entirely fluffy butt to the camera.  His head on his long neck is turned in profile to the camera, and you can see the beginnings of what will become a magnificent crest.  But generally speaking, since his head is still covered in down while his body has Big Chicken Feathers, he just looks ridiculous.

Adolescent Belphegor:
Belphegor in my hands.  He is looking straight at the camera with his head tilted.  His crest is starting to grow in, but his neck is still kind of naked in relation to the rest of his body.

Young Adult Belphegor of the present day:
Belphegor rests in my hand.  My hand is nearly invisible under all the floof.  He looks a little lopsided as he has one wing extended and draped over my wrist, which contributes to the invisibility of my hand.  He is probably looking at the camera but you can't tell because his eyes are no longer visible behind the magnificent poofy crest and luxurious beard feathers.  He is extravagantly floofy and jet black.

5 thoughts on “A Belphegor Retrospective

  1. If that chicken gets any floofier, he’s going to have to join [a href=””]Duran Duran[/a]

  2. That chicken is so floofy, he ate my HTML.

  3. Your chooks are really, really hazardous to my resolution to not become a wholly out-of-control chook-collector. Evil woman!

    1. Lauredhel – has she been trying to get you over to the dark side too? I have this sneaky feeling she’s doing it to *everyone* on the sly…

  4. He’s really cute! You could use him as a table centerpiece on Halloween. Put him in a pumpkin!

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