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I love it when they write home.

Recently I got e-mail from Juniper‘s people and it included PICTURES! Oh my goodness, the tiny laid-back kitten has become a big young man. Observe, dear readers:
A large black and white cat, last seen here as a teeny kitten, lies on the floor and affectionately mauls his person's arm. HE IS HUGE.

Isn’t he adorable and GINORMOUS? What you cannot see in that picture is the tag on his collar, which is a little tuxedo front and absolutely perfect for him.

I love a happy ending.

2 thoughts on “I love it when they write home.

  1. Aw! He is beautiful! Yay!

  2. *Is his owner*

    What you do not see in this pic is the “AH OH MY GOD MY HAND” face I am making as Juniper attacks my hand xD Gods, I love this not-so-little fuzzball, and thank you so much for letting me adopt him, Andrea! =]


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