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Are we all ready for Hatchapalooza 2?

Behold the incubator:
The inside of my incubator, the shell of which is bright yellow.  The top is off, and the black egg tray rests inside it.  Sixteen eggs in varying shades of pale brown are slotted into the rails.  One tiny pale cream egg rests in the upper right-hand corner.

This is actually not the final pic, before I fired it up I stuck one of Ayinnanku’s beautiful blue-green eggs in it, and the next day the banty hen that’s laying (I’m not sure which one it is!) provided me with two more eggs, so I went ahead and stuck them in there, too, for a grand total of three tiny eggs, sixteen pale brown ones, and one beautiful blue-green egg. The pale brown eggs are blue-laced red Wyandottes and were mail-order eggs that I’m hatching for Christine. Mail order eggs have a notoriously low hatching rate; you’re doing well if you get 50% of them to develop. So we’re expecting at most eight little chickens from those, which will go and live with Christine at Blackthorn kennel. There’s a 50/50 chance that the chick in Ayinnanku’s egg will have a naked neck like our rooster, Mad Mel the Magnificent, and Lord only knows what’s in those bantam eggs. I mean, we’re pretty sure that chickens will hatch out of them, but which of the multitude of bantam roosters fertilized them is a great mystery, as is the identity of the hen that laid them.

Excitingly, the eggs will theoretically hatch the same weekend Crispin and Clementine go to their new home. That’s going to be a fun and busy weekend, given my deep desire to sit adn stare at hatching eggs. And this time I will remind myself to take the egg rails down when I take the incubator off the turner, so the poor baby chicks don’t have to jump from rail to rail and have an easier time getting out of their eggs.

As always, you can watch my Twitter account (civilwarbore) for live-tweeting of any hatching-related excitement. But it will be a couple weeks.

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  1. After they hatch, how will you tell them apart, so you know who’s supposed to go home with Christine? Don’t they all look pretty much alike when they’re just little peeps?

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