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Briar Rose brings a surprise. Well, several surprises.

So we knew about Crispin (who incidentally has a home lined up! Huzzah!) and a skittish little black and white kitten. Crispin, of course, is living in our bathroom at the moment and enjoying life as an indoor cat. The most we were expecting to see on the kitten front, therefore, was one more.

Except this morning, Briar Rose brought three kittens with her. The little black and white kitten, a small fluffy calico and white girl who looks like the departed Grace except for the long hair, and one who may be another calico or may be a grey and white tabby (it was too skittish for Daniel to get a good look).

The little long-haired calico and white girl was hungry enough that I managed to grab her, therefore pictures will follow. With the other two, we are pretending to ignore them but put wet food in the trap this morning to accustom kitties to going in there to eat. Fingers crossed that we can manage to get the next two soon, too, and then we can bring Briar Rose in.

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