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Crispin wants you to want him.

EDIT Happily, Crispin has a home! And because cats are devious, Briar Rose brought not just one little black and white kitten with her to breakfast this morning (14 July) but three. Stand by for further kitten offers!

Briar Rose brought up two kittens this morning. One little black and white one, skittish as heck, and…Crispin.

Crispin, a teeny tiny cream-colored kitten with a dirty nose, a stripey orange tail, and beautiful pale blue eyes, stands on my husband's leg and looks toward the camera.

Who is possibly Crispina. He is very young. But you know what that means, gentle readers! It means that I am about to impose upon you once again to publicize a Cat What Needs A Home. Because while this guy is grade-A weapons-grade cute, we have five cats. We do not need six cats. Someone out there, on the other hand, needs a tiny adorable cat. Like this one. Does he purr? Gentle readers, if his cute is weapons-grade, his purr will strike down nations with one soft motory exhale. He likes to nibble your fingers while you scritch his tummy. This evening, his first evening in a new place, he has discovered the wonder of TOYS. He thinks a sparkle puffball is just about the coolest thing he’s ever seen. He uses the litter box for all appropriate functions. He eats like a very, very tiny horse. Oh and also? He has only been indoors for 15 hours, and he has already learned to disapprove:

Crispin, a tiny cream colored kitten with a stripey orange tail and pale blue eyes, sits in the bathroom floor, looks toward the camera, and disapproves.

I am kind of sure Crispin is a boy, but will not rule out the possibility that he is actually Crispina. It is hard to tell with kittens this small. He is a flame point, but any Siamese ancestry is so far in the past that all he’s likely to have is the coloring. Crispin is a genuine purebred Manor Cat for sure, though. He will go to the vet as soon as we can get him in to check him for FIV/FELV, get him dewormed, and get him vax appropriate to his age. We will hold onto him until he is old enough to be neutered, and then we will have him snipped and get him his rabies vaccination so he’s all legal and stuff.

Somewhere out there is a person who wants, no, NEEDS this tiny adorable ball of felinity. Gentle readers, we must make sure that person sees this post. Here are the Boilerplate Kitten Legalities:

1) He always has a place here. If the new owner cannot keep him for any reason, I will not ask questions, I will not judge, I will not grouse on my blog. I will just come get the cat and bring him back to the Manor.

2) I will drive up to four hours from Fredericksburg, VA to put him in a new home. This covers most of the state of Virginia, a good chunk of Maryland, a good chunk of West Virginia, and even goes as far as Gettysburg, PA (I take the back roads to avoid I-95).

3) He must be an indoor kitty. Crispin has lived the outdoor life and now deserves to be safe in a climate-controlled environment with soft bedding materials and lots of toys.

4) No declawing. It’s mean. Just no.

5) Yes, he is adorable. But you know what? Surprise kittens make crap gifts, y’all. Therefore I will need to be in contact with the actual person with whom young master Crispin will be living. I do not care how well you know your friend/roomie/spouse/partner/parent/sibling/dentist. Crispin is not a good present.

6) As of right now I have no idea how he does with other critters, because he’s still in quarantine. Look for more info after his check-up and FIV/FeLV testing!

12 thoughts on “Crispin wants you to want him.

  1. As always I’m willing to meet Andrea on the road, and transport Crispin to within three hours of Knoxville, if anyone in that area wants a kitteh.

  2. White kitty, blue eyes… Check him or her for hearing. Lots of blue-eyed white cats are deaf.

    1. No, he’s a point. The secondary traits of tabby reduce the chance of deafness to non-albino cat levels: “There are several sources for a white cat to have blue eyes. If the underlying coat pattern is one of a pointed cat (also referred to as a Siamese pattern), the blue eyes may come from the genetics of the pointed gene. Cats with this genetic makeup have no greater chance of being deaf than the general population.” (via

      My cat looks just like this one. :3 He’s the best ever. If I could take in another cat, I totally would! But as I can’t, I’ll just spread the word to my local (MD/VA/DC) friends!

  3. Definatly male. All flame points are… much like all (well nearly all) Calico’s are female. The gene for that red only travels via Y… Being it’s the same genes that Siamese come out of you likely won’t have any problems with Deafness. He if Way too cute for words. I’m going to melt into a puddle of goo looking at him

    1. My parents have a flame point Birman, and it’s is definitely a girl. Cat genetics are weird.

  4. And I can meet Andrea in Gettysburg and am willing to transport anywhere 2 hours north or west of Gettysburg. :)

  5. :-D Just my worldview! I have worked with deaf college students (and many deaf colleagues) for 33 years; some have Waardenburg Syndrome, so white hair and blue eyes always rings a chime for me!

  6. Juniper and Egypt say no more people to steal mom’s attention, but I will boost the signal. :D

  7. *Crosses toes for the kitten* He’s adorable. I hope he finds a happy new home soon.

  8. Awwww! He’s adorable! But mom would kill me if I got a new kitten and besides, I’m more than happy with Juniper <3

  9. I was *so* hoping that your Manor was in the Bay Area! I am not *quite* ready to have a kitteh, but Crispin/a is adorable. However, I know that there will be adorable kittehs who are un/fortunately very available whenever I am ready. :)

  10. What a handsome kitty! He looks like he has the Siamese long pointy face along with his coloring — he’s all triangles. Glad he’s found a good home.

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