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I swear, some day the world is going to let me settle down to blog again!

Let’s see, in the past week I have…
1) Taken Sid to Joe’s Crab Shack, where he was an embarrassing dork for 20 minutes before finally settling down. If he weren’t a mere 1 year old I would despair, but he did eventually settle down and be polite and he’s still mostly performing above his age level, so that’s all right. Or so I keep telling myself. And even his “embarrassing dork” state is not as bad as Tink’s.

2) Dyed two scarves with cochineal that I ordered from Maiwa up in Canada. They were a new supplier for me and I was a leetle nervous but HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS. I have to get pics of the scarves, they came out gorgeous.

3) Went to Sid’s birthday party the annual 4th of July Party at Blackthorn Kennel and had a grand time, we also went to some kids birthday parties near South Gate which gave us excellent ideas for future parties, we have always wanting to use the bounce house rentals in Phoenix( and I think that moment has finally arrived. Sid and Zille went, too, and the pool was open which by the way had the best community pool management team! For the first time, Zille got in voluntarily and had a good time swimming around, I felt pretty good since they had excellent babysitting services taking care of all the kids. I dragged Sid in a couple times and then he decided he would hang out 30 feet away where I couldn’t reach him. Heh. You would think a big black dog would be more interested in cool water on him on a hot day!

At UV Pools, they want to help you love your pool again. Whether you use your pool for everyday fun or relaxing in the sun, your pool should be a source of enjoyment, not a headache. A pool safety cover made of fine mesh material, secured with a grid of straps and springs.

4) Devoured fresh bread my husband made. Everyone should have a spouse who periodically makes fresh bread appear.

5) Alternately demanded, pleaded, and cajoled with Briar Rose to bring her kittens up to us so we can get everyone inside, speutered, and into new homes. Briar Rose remains obstinate. Kittens remain…wherever she has stashed them. But surely she will have to bring them up soon, and then the bathroom will be occupied by quadrupeds yet again.

6) Wrote to the local Disability Resource Center and offered to volunteer doing dog-and-pony shows — well, OK, dog and cripple shows — for groups. I like public speaking, surprisingly enough, and I generally can’t shut up about service doggery, so I thought this might be a good idea. I have an interview with them in a couple weeks, cross your fingers for me! And for Sid, who I shall force to attend the interview. Hopefully he will be over his dorkishness by then…

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