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Sid: Still Brilliant

So in all the chicken-related excitement this weekend, I failed to update you on Sid’s latest fits of brilliance. Sunday he went all kinds of places: the car dealership to drop my car off (and then pick it up later), Panera for breakfast, WalMart to get buns for bratwurst and sloppy joes. He was, as the post title will tell you, still brilliant for a dog who will be one year old on the 4th of July.

At Panera we sat outside again, and now he’s not even bothering to get up when the suicidal little birds hop right towards him all “I could totally take you, dogboy.” Sparrows are hilarious but not really all that bright. Sid is also starting to figure out when I get sudden fits of vertigo, good boy. Sitting in a chair at Panera and waiting on my food I started to feel dizzy, which resulted in Sid heaving his front half into my lap and leaning into me. It was soothing and actually pretty helpful but I’m thinking it might not be an ideal response for restaurants, where service dogs are suspected to be less obtrusive.

Then on the way into WalMart I asked him to pick up the pace while vertiginous and he gave me a look that is possibly best translated as “Are you on drugs that your doctor has not prescribed?” and kept noodling along at a leisurely pace until I was less wobbly, at which point he was happy to kick in the afterburners and lean into his harness. These are fantastic developments! Pet dogs and obedience champions may be required to unquestioningly follow orders, but when Sid decides to tell me that no, he will not be speeding up while I’m dizzy, it’s just evidence that he’s picking up that he is supposed to be keeping me safe, and part of keeping me safe may be ignoring me when I ask him for something like that. Sometimes it feels like my only task here is to make the right pick of dog treats on the Blue Buffalo page.

The day was also marked by a total lack of people attempting to interfere with him, which was fantastic. The guy at the car dealership did, however, want to talk about him and how pretty he is. I get that a lot with both Sid and Zille: people who had GSDs as kids want to tell me how good looking they are, how they’re built just like those childhood Shedders, and then they fondly reminisce about their dogs.

But anyway, I will soon get a chance to ask an expert about training and reinforcing the intelligent refusal that Sid is just now developing on his own, because in a couple weeks PawPower will be stopping through the area and I will get to meet her! I am very excited, we have known each other online for a while so meeting off-line will be grand fun I suspect.

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  1. I hope I get to meet Sid when he is not working, because I’ll want to shower him with adoration and lovies. (Rest assured I will NOT fuss if he does happen to be on duty when I meet him for the first time.) And for those of us who had GSD’s as kids, we KNOW how great these dogs are. I still miss Champ (he was something, something, something with some relation to a dog named Baulder from Hessions ?? kennels, I think. Mom and I just called him “Champ” :) and I love hearing your stories about Sid and Zillie, because it confirms how brilliant and intuitive this breed truly is. So have patience and humor us old “reminiscers” :)

  2. Sounds like your wonderful boy is doing just great.

    I must admit I am guilty of admiring a good working dog too. Last week in Maine, I stopped into a small country store and a man had a wonderful sable GSD guide dog from Fidelco who he has had for 2 years.

    I managed to restrain myself somewhat, but did have to admire her. Then the owner asked me to walk him down to the next road because they were resurfacing the main road and he could not hear traffic well because of all the truck noise. I was more than happy to help, but I am afraid I am not nearly as good a guide and asked way too many questions…

    Normally the people at the store had been helping him back to his side street, but since it was lunchtime, they were too busy so I got to go.

    And no, I did not try to pet or interact with his dog.

    Sarah (Scouts new owner)

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