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The eggs in the incubator went on lockdown early Thursday morning. Two of them had pipped at 9pm last night, and at this point, five have pipped. “Pipping” is the word for when the baby chicken breaks a small hole in the egg shell and begins to breathe outside air. They pip, and then they wait for several hours while you dance around impatiently and take naps and check in on them repeatedly. One of them got so excited to pip that he knocked a largish hole in the shell, through which you can see some movement periodically.

So today I am sitting around, playing SPORE, and waiting very (im)patiently for baby chickens to make their appearance. I am adding pictures to my flickr Chicken set as new eggs pip, etc. Also I am @civilwarbore over on Twitter, if you would like to follow my live-tweeting of what my friend mel has dubbed “Hatchapalooza ’11”. The action is quite slow at the moment but it should pick up!

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