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I keep forgetting to update. I blame busy and ow. We have been busy busy busy finishing off Bantytown (I need to get pics now that it’s Mostly Done) and weeding the garden and on Tuesday Sid went up to Vienna to see a dental specialist, where he wound up losing his left upper canine. He’d damaged it during his Great Crate Escape Escapades and the damage just went too far up the root to save.

Meanwhile, the chickens are doing very well! Here, have a gratuitous picture of Lucifer, the small hostile silkie chicken.
A small chicken is cradled in my hands, staring directly into the camera with a hostile look.  His head, neck, and breast are still covered in very pale grey baby down, while his wings are covered in darker steel-grey adult feathering.  Some adult feathers are starting to come in on his head, which does not help him look dignified and intimidating.

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  1. So you have no excuse not to get Sid a gold tooth now, huh?

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