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I do not appear to have been raptured.

Spent the time waiting for the Rapture last night with Christine of Blackthorn Kennel, Wanda, and Christine’s Mom. We had a good ol time and consumed nommy Mexican food although I did have to wrestle my cane out of Wanda’s hands — I was carrying the one made of a sassafras stick with an antique doorknob for a handle and she had cane envy. Well, “lust” is maybe a better word given the way she was fondling it. It was sort of…intense. Ahem. I told her the cane was working and not to distract it, but she did not listen and I felt too guilty about trying to distract her service dog in retaliation. Although out of harness Wanda’s dog Blitz is a big sweetie who tried to climb into my lap and stick her tongue up my nose.

Anyway, I picked up a pair of mottled Old English Game bantams that Christine had procured for me on Friday, petted the 4-day-old chicks that arrived from the hatchery Thursday (13 or so of ’em are mine) and collected 11 eggs from Christine, which are now sitting in my incubator, incubating. Christine has promised to take all the baby chickens away at the end. I just wanted to play with my new toy.

I hope you’re doing well, gentle readers, and that your Saturday was similarly marked with a lack of catastrophic earthquakes &c, and that if you were Raptured it was all you hoped it would be. Come to think of it, if you were Raptured, you probably aren’t reading this. Those of you who are also sticking around for the Tribulations should come on by, we’ve got plenty of eggs and the garden’s looking real nice so there will be plenty to eat.

3 thoughts on “I do not appear to have been raptured.

  1. I did get somewhat terriered, but I’m not sure that counts as raptured. Though he is an adorable terrier. Happy rest of time!

  2. I can’t keep track of the chickens! How many are you going to eventually end up with? Isn’t it a lot of work? I DEMAND MORE PICTURES.

    1. Chickens really aren’t that much work except for the initial time investment of building a coop & run.

      Eventually is a hard question but “fewer than I have now”… I’m looking to produce my own strain of Manor Peculiar Prodigal Poultry in stripes and spots, with silkie feathers but clean legs and no ridiculous poofy crests. What I have right now is my foundation stock, and once I have F1 (first generation crosses) some of the foundation stock will be moving on to other breeders.

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