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The incubator is creeping me out.

So I set up the incubator, which arrived earlier this week, so it can stabilize before I tuck some eggs in it this evening for Christine, who has graciously agreed to let me hatch some chickens which she will then take away. Which is very nice of her, because that means I can play with my new incubator without being overrun by chickens.

Anyhoo, so it’s set up on my poor abused craft table, in the automatic turner cradle thing which turns it through 90 degrees some mysterious number of times per hour, but here’s the thing: I never see it move. Like, I will look over and it will have moved previously, but despite the fact that I can see it in the corner of my eye, I never actually see the thing in motion. I have resorted to sitting and staring at the incubator, waiting for it, but it won’t move while I’m looking. It only moves when I look away.

It’s creepy, I tell you. CREEPY.

But I still can’t wait to hatch some chicks for Christine in it.

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