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A little bruising of the heart.

We moved Merlin, Annaham, and Phoebe out into Bantytown, protected by a grow-out pen so the big chickens don’t peck them to death. I thought they were all big and tough when they were in here, but out there, they’re half the size of the adult banties. Phoebe and Annaham were immediately overcome with delight for bugs and sunbeams (Phoebe even fell over and sunbathed!) but Merlin cried and cried for me to pick him up and pet him. I told him that it’s time for him to learn to be a Big Chicken and live outdoors and think about wooing girl chickens and chasing bugs and crowing and things, but he says he wants to be my House Chicken.

I am trying to stay strong but it was a little heart-bruising to leave him out there with him making pathetic noises at me like that. I wish I had the facilities to keep a small chicken happy in the house, but I really don’t. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to explain that to Merlin.

5 thoughts on “A little bruising of the heart.

  1. Oh, poor little Merlin! How often does a person find their “soul chicken”?

  2. Watch out for cuddly roos, they become mean roos when they grow up. Hope that doesn’t hold true for bantams. :)

    1. I think it’s probably the same “lack of healthy fear of humans” thing that makes hand-fed birds of prey kind of dangerous. At any rate, even if Merlin does grow up to be Attack Roo, he’s going to be tiny, and therefore less worrisome than, say, a Jersey Giant would be.

  3. I want a house chicken! :( He sounds so freakin’ adorable! Can’t you just train him to use the bathroom like the rest of the household? ;)

    1. You can in fact get chicken diapers so you can let chickens free range in your house without the usual consequences of that kind of thing. But nothing in the world can stop a rooster from crowing, even a very small rooster.

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