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Big days!

Today when I get home from work the three little OEGs, Annaham, Phoebe, and Merlin, will move outside into the grow-out pen. Some of the older silkies will probably move into the unheated brooder since they’re old enough to not need the heat lamp, and soon they’ll be moving outside. Meanwhile, fifteen or so chicks are arriving at Blackthorn Kennel for me this morning, and here at the Manor the Official Banty House and the incubator will both arrive!

I have totally failed this week on my goal to get Sid two outings a week. I blame the rapid-cycling weather, which has had me in relatively brutal pain for days now. He can come with when we go down to Blackthorn to get our chicks on Saturday, though! And possibly I will whomp up a bookstore trip or something for him Sunday.

Meanwhile, it’s 5am, so it must be time to feed the menagerie and then get off to work.

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