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Baby Silkies are kind of hilarious.

There are several stages of feather grow-in for baby Silkies.

Here is Amon, demonstrating the adorable stage:
Amon, a tiny grey-brown baby chicken who still has all his baby fluff, stands in profile to the camera.  He has wing feathers and a teeny poof of golden down on top of his head where his crest will grow in, and few feathers on his legs.

Lucifer here is working his way towards hilarious:
Lucifer, a tiny grey chicken, stands in profile to the camera.  His baby down on his neck and head is pale grey, but darker grey adult feathers are coming in on his wings and legs.  And his tail, which is a hilarious cottontail-style poof.

Belphegor, bless his feathery little heart, has achieved Full Hilarious, and also poses like a champ:
A stunning view of Belphegor.  From the back.  His butt is very fluffy.  Also, his black adult feathers are most in, except for on his head and neck, which still sport their dark-grey baby down.  His legs are invisible behind their POOF of feathers, and his neck is hilariously long for the rest of him as he looks back at the camera.

3 thoughts on “Baby Silkies are kind of hilarious.

  1. Congratulations. You have reduced me to “EEEEEE!!!! FLUFFY THING!!!!”

  2. O. M. G. I have never wanted to cuddle a chicken before ever, but I want to touch Amon to see if (s)he’s as cuddly as (s)he looks. I’m sorry ma’am, but I need to see your license and registration, because there is far too much cute in this post for it to possibly be legal.

  3. Chicken butt!

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