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Let us have some pictures!

Oh my god, you guys. There is nothing cuter than baby chickens first thing int he morning.

Anyway, here we go. Pics!
A top view of the warm end of the brooder, which is a plastic bin with a layer of pine shavings at the bottom and a waterer and a feeder for chicks.  Seven small chickens are arrayed around the frame, their feathers in various states of floof or pin-feather-ness as their more adult plumage comes in.  Two are a dark steel grey, three are a light steel grey, one is black, and one is a dark brown.
Baby silkies! I am starting to be able to tell them apart. They will be hilarious balls of floof even as adults. I have decided to name them after the seven demons who were associated with the seven deadly sins: Lucifer, Mammon, Asmodeus, Leviathan, Beelzebub, Amon, and Belphegor.

Here’s a close-up of my favorite, who is actually darker than he appears here (He’s the black one in the above pic):
A hand cradles a small floofy chicken, who eyes the camera with disturbing alertness.  He has a hilarious small pompadour poof of feathers on top of his head.

Here’s the baby Old English Game bantams, who are also in the house right now — I want to give them a little more time to grow up before I stick them outside to deal with the King of Bantytown:
A triangle of three chickens who are sitting in their bedding.  The one at the top is a deep rich brown, the one at bottom left is a lighter brown with a golden head, and the one at bottom right is white with horizontal stripes of grey across its feathers.
The two brown ones are a color called “partridge” and the other color is called “crele”. It’s really gorgeous, the stripes are grey on his back but brown on his breast. Anyway, the darkest partridge one is Annaham, and the crele one is Merlin.

The adults are outside enjoying Bantytown. First up, the King of Bantytown — when we turned everyone loose, he immediately went and intimidated everyone else into admitting he was top roo.
The King of Bantytown, and his queen.  They are mostly black on the body, but their heads (and the King's breast) have rims of white around the feathers.  Because they're bantams, their backs are about level with the 2x4 used as the bottom rim of Bantytown.
The King and his Queen, who are Mystery Chickens I bought as a pair. The King is feather-legged and the color pattern doesn’t match anything I’ve read about, and also I forgot to take notes when I bought them. I picked them up because every time I stopped at their cage at the swap, the King made eyes at me. Anyway, we’re pretty sure they are Arthur and Guenivere.

While I was bent over trying to get pics of King Arthur, I felt something on my back…
A small golden-brown chicken with black edges to all his feathers stands on my bent back in profile to the camera.
This is Galahad, a gold-laced Sebright roo. As you can see, he is very friendly and not at all alarmed about human beings.

A tiny black hen whose feathers are spangled with white looks at the camera in profile, behind her an almost entirely black hen has hidden her head beneath a wing briefly.
The girl in front with the stars on her feathers is Morgan le Fay, behind her is Isolde, preening. Morgan is a purebred Serama hen, Isolde is a Sebright/Serama cross.

Two tiny roosters hold a conversation.  The one on the left is mostly black with the occasional stripe of white down the middle of a feather, the one on the right is mostly white with black rims on the ends of some feathers.
Percival on the left, Tristan on the right. They’re both young Sebright/Serama crosses.

More chicken pics as weather allows, I need to get some good ones of Mad Mel the Magnificent. But here’s the one I took with my cell phone after picking him up:
A photo through the bars of a blue plastic cat carrier.  Inside the carrier is a floofy steel grey chicken.  Well, mostly floofy.  His head and neck are naked except for a POOF! of feathers on top of his head.  His wattles and flat comb are a dark, dark red, his dangling earlobes are white.
Isn’t he fantastic? Mad Mel the Magnificent is a Showgirl roo. Showgirls are a cross between silkies and naked-neck Turkens. I have desperately wanted one since I found out they existed. I may get him a large silkie hen or two later, but for now he’s in with Lorena, Matilda, Bebelina, and Ayinnanku.

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  1. I dig the chickens!

    Do you have pictures of Bantytown and your other chicken enclosures? I’d love to see Chicken Land. :)

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