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Happy Birthday To Me!

This morning I woke up early, around 0345, and my beloved husband had my present waiting in his top dresser drawer. Possibly because I have been claiming to him for a week now that “Today is my birthday!” because the Amazon box with my present in it got here last Friday, while I was at home.

Anyhoo, he got me the complete boxed set of Sherlock Holmes episodes, the really good ones from the BBC that star Jeremy Brett. I cannot tell you how much I loved that show as a kid, and how giggly I am that now I am going to get to inflict it on my husband and dogs and cats.

We have Bantyland nearly finished, and will need to get that knocked out today — there’s just a couple boards to toss on the framing, we need to frame a door, and then it’s time to put the wire on and VOILA, Bantyland. If we don’t finish it, we’re going to have chickens living in the house tomorrow above and beyond the ones what need to go in the brooder. Which I need to set up. Ahem. We’re kind of down to the wire.

Meanwhile Roo is screaming and Sid is playing Saddest Puppy In The Whole Wide World outside my door — did I mention he’s up to 76lbs? Which means he is 3lbs smaller than Beowulf, and I expect him to hit that by the time he gets a bath next month — because he got kicked out of my room for catbothering. And also it is breakfast time.

Have a lovely day, gentle readers, and if you would like to get me a birthday present, please offer me chicken names! I will be getting 5 or 6 blue silkies, so will need 5 or 6 gender-neutral names for them (I thought about “Thing One” through “Thing Six”) and one buff silkie, so a gender-neutral name for that one, too. And then there’s a pair of Serama/Sebright crosses, one roo and one hen, that I’m bringing home. They’ll also need names, but I’ll let you wait on helping to name THOSE chickens until you have seen pictures. For now, six or seven gender-neutral names for Silkies would be just great!

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  2. Hippo Birdies, Two Ewes! Hugs x 10^6! :)

  3. Happy birthday!

    After Googling pictures, I kind of feel like you should name them after elaborate hairstyles or Victorian hats. You could also find out how to say “blue” in different languages and name some of them that way (though I suspect a lot of the European languages will all be some variation on “azure”).

  4. Voile

    All kinds of silk!

    Happy birthday! And tell Daniel he done good.

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