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School is done until I decide to go back.

I quit smoking last Friday, and I’m still not smoking.

I have plans to take over the world of chickens.


I’ll tell you all about it later. Suffice it to say that on Saturday I’m picking up 5 or 6 baby Silkies and 1 adult Showgirl Rooster.

He’s blue. I’ve named him Mel already. I am prepared to be deeply in love with his fluffy self. Pictures will be forthcoming.

2 thoughts on “So…

  1. Showgirls are sooo awesome! Can’t wait to see the pictures.

  2. I noticed the tag line for today…”If cats ever grow thumbs I’m in trouble” If that happens, they’ll take over the world and we are ALL in trouble. Oh the Showgirl chickens are so COOL! I hope the rooster isn’t conflicted what with being a ShowGIRL and a Rooster at the same time. :)

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