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Lend a helping hand?

So I realize the news cycle got nearly entirely co-opted by the royal wedding in England, with CNN and other sources apparently totally forgetting the devastation that tornadoes wrought across the south last week. So it goes.

But my friends who are more in the know than I am offer these organizations that are actually on the ground and working in the areas devastated by the tornadoes, in case you’re wondering where you can throw a couple bucks at the problem:
Saving Furry Friends works out of Glade Springs, Virginia.
Greater Birmingham Humane Society is in North Birmingham, Alabama.
Have a Heart Animal Rescue is working in Alabama.
Global Animal Foundation is working to get supplies and cash to rescues working in the areas hit by the storms.

Thanks so much to those of you who supplied me with these links, and if my gentle readers are aware of any other organizations on the ground where the tornadoes went through, please share in the comments.

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