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Planting time!

Yesterday we cleaned off the dog crates in the kitchen because we needed to find seeds. Don’t ask. We’re not the most organized people in the world and sometimes we do hire crates for moving house .

Anyway, we’ve got one raised bed built and as an experiment Daniel is going to fork compost into the bed next to it, where we will probably plant potatoes and carrots this season, reserving the raised bed’s super-rich soil for spinach, tomatoes, corn, peas, and possibly cantaloupes. I had forgotten we bought cantaloupe, I think it was probably my fault.

Anyway, we had a bat get stuck in our attic and required bat removal services. Once the poor creature was gone we realized how many boxes we had up there and decided to sort through them. In one of the boxes we found our WEDDING SEEDS, a gift from our friend Steph. This solved our seed problem, there’s purple carrots, purple spinach, purple tomatoes, and purple cauliflower. I was having a bit of a purple fit when filling out the wedding registry, you see. We then tracked down the other seeds we’d bought, which turned out to be nowhere near the dog crates: peas, regular green spinach (apparently I am also on a leafy greens kick), cantaloupe, two types of sweet corn (I love sweet corn, I blame growing up in DeKalb, Illinois, home of the flying ear of corn), regular orange carrots, and parsnips. Root vegetables and spinach, ahoy!

Having found the seeds it was off outdoors to plant them. We forked over the non-raised bed and added compost, and by “we” I mean “Daniel” while I did helpful things like say “wow, that looks like hard work.” To be fair, I also planted seeds in the raised bed and helped cut potatoes into sets.

Hopefully the squirrels, gophers, birds, and deer will leave us some of our garden. We got all the purple veggies in, plus a couple rows of corn, and will full the unraised bed with potatoes first, and then other seeds when we see how much room we have.

4 thoughts on “Planting time!

  1. I want purple carrots!

    Also, it must have been that kind of weekend. Joe and I cleaned out the closet that Hippo lives in. We joke that she’s like Harry Potter, living in the closet under the stairs, but her crate’s been in there (and the door to the closet perpetually open) since November when my brother moved in with us and we needed to make room. Somehow, the top of her crate became a catchall for painting supplies and toolboxes and paper bags full of yarn. It’s now neatly organized and she no longer has roller handles dangling into her crate.

  2. I desire pictures of the purple vegetables if they grow. :)

  3. A non-fence way to keep deer out is to buy netting and then shave up some Irish Spring soap and hang it around your garden. I’d also suggest predator urine from an outdoor store, but you already have dogs, so I don’t know how much that’ll help.

  4. As your Other Mom here in Nebraska, I’d like to ad that I see not one thing wrong with loving sweet corn, or any type of corn for that matter! :)

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