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Sid clears the first hurdle!

Today was Sid Measuring Day. He came in at 25″, which is exciting! Cane height for me is around 34″. The tallest mobility harness I’ve found has a handle height that goes up to 9″, so I needed Siddy to hit at least 25″ to make him a viable mobility candidate. That harness costs $400, so I’m looking forward to him putting on another half inch, which would let us use a $100 harness with an 8.5″ handle height. Although I suspect that once he’s approximated his final adult shape, I’ll go ahead and spring for the expensive harness, it has much better padding and the handle folds down to make it easier for a tall dog to do things like crawl under a table at a restaurant.

I think we might get another couple inches out of Sid, he’s been growing at or just over 1/2″ per month since we got him and his growth plates won’t close for probably another 5 months at least according to my vet. That would also be exciting, since it would let me use the harness with a 6″ handle that I already own, courtesy of my friend F.

Of course, the final determination of harness will be made when Siddy finishes filling out. Right now he’s tall but so narrow that he toes out in front and is cow-hocked behind, a common problem for young dogs who are going up faster than they’re going out. Also his head is broadening before the rest of him, so he’s a wee bit weirdly proportioned at the moment. Soon enough he’ll start getting wider instead of exclusively growing straight up, and will stop looking quite so goofy.

One thought on “Sid clears the first hurdle!

  1. I’m laying my money that he will hit 26.5″, but that last 1/2″ may take until he’s 3.

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