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Highlight of today’s Footsoccerball game

Things you should know before watching this video:
1) Daniel was not injured, just startled. Really, really startled.
2) Game play ceased immediately and all dogs were forced to come in the house and be bored.
3) Well, OK, not bored, but the Shedders were definitely having less fun in the house where they have to be much more polite and less zoomie.
4) Just before I started filming, I’d said “Now you just have to get the ball back to this end of the yard.”

Video opens with Daniel, a very tall Englishman, down at the far end of the yard from the camera, quite close to the shed. He is contending with Zille, a sable Shedder, and Sid, a black Shedder, for a slightly battered footsoccerball. The dogs are initially winning, but then Daniel manages to get the ball and head toward the camera with it.
Me: (completing that earlier sentence) Without hitting me.
As I speak, Sid manages a beautiful tripping maneuver on Daniel and seizes the ball. Daniel manages to stay on his feet and secure the ball again. Sid, however, in a flash of speed and determination, snatches the ball away and heads away from the camera with it toward the back corner of the yard. Daniel follows, trying to nudge the ball out of Sid’s mouth, and finally succeeds. Sid’s head flashes up and….
Daniel: (turning to the camera) He just bit me in the groin!

The record so far this season:
Daniel: 1 1
Shedders: 0 0 (violation of rule 5b by Sid, violation of newly revised rule 4)

Rules 4 and 5, as amended:
4) It is legal to bite your opponent’s clothing or fur, but you may not bite your opponent. This distinction is important.
4a) If you bite your human opponent instead of the human opponent’s clothing, play must cease.
5) It is legal to pry your opponent’s jaws off your clothing, fur, or body.
5a) If your opponent’s jaws were on your clothing, play must continue.
5b) If you are human and your opponent’s jaws are on your body, play must cease.

New rule:
10) It is legal to distract your opponent by scritching him gently behind the ear.

4 thoughts on “Highlight of today’s Footsoccerball game

  1. I can’t help myself… Sid needs training in distinguishing balls.

    1. Whoa! Bah-dum-bum-*ching!* Thank you, I’ll be here all week! Tip your waitress!

  2. I think your very tall english husband needs to recuit a goat for his footsoccerball team.

  3. Andrea, remind Daniel not to play ball with Munch! LOL He could loose a limb!
    Sid looks great, he has gotten so big. I feel a Mexican dinner with Christine should be a requirement soon!

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