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Manor Rules Footsoccerball

1) The game is played in the fenced backyard, whose dimensions I do not remember.
2) The Shedders constitute one team, the husband another. The husband may recruit up to one (1) Doberman for his team.
3) Biting is allowed as long as it does not draw blood, with some limitations.
4) It is legal to bite an opponent’s pant leg, but not an opponent’s leg. This distinction is important.
5) It is legal to pry your opponent’s jaws off of your pant leg or your leg.
5a) If your opponent’s jaws were on the pant leg, play must continue.
5b) If the opponent’s jaws were on your leg, play must cease.
6) It is legal to bite your opponent’s neck fur, but if you bite your opponent’s neck, your opponent is totally justified in snarking at you.
7) Biting Tink is just a bad idea in general.
8) You may move the ball either with your feet (front or back) or with your mouth.
9) The goal of Manor Rules Footsoccerball is for the husband to move the ball to the other side of the yard and back, which constitutes one point.
9a) A game is considered “won” by the husband if he scores 5 points.
9b) A game is considered “won” by the Shedders if the husband gives up before scoring 5 points.
9c) If play ceases because the Biting Rules (rules 3-7 inclusive) were violated, the husband will be considered to have won the game.

Game Score for this season:
Husband: 1
Shedders: 0 (Violation of rule 5b by Sid)

3 thoughts on “Manor Rules Footsoccerball

  1. I’m sending you Spike for the afternoon XD

  2. I can only assume that rule 4 means that the Shedders are playing in pants. Now I really want video.

  3. I find it amusing that biting a leg stops play, but going for the throat is a snark. You’d think it would be worth a penalty shot or something.

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