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Roo update.

Daniel took him back to the vet yesterday, where they poked and prodded and as best they can figure out, he has an infection that is resulting in some systemic inflammation. They wanted him to stay overnight, and around 1300 stuck him on IV fluids, steroids, and antibiotics.

Apparently after about half an hour on fluids, he was feeling so much better that he pitched a fit about his unjust incarceration and started demanding to see his lawyer. Loudly. Very, very loudly. He was working himself up into such a fit that it was endangering his IV line, so they gave him a sedative.

When I stopped in to see him after work, he was stoned out of his little kitty gourd, but more bright-eyed and “with it” than he has been for days, drugs notwithstanding. I sat in the “Comfort Room” and cuddled him and he clearly knew who I was, and did his quiet Roopurr for me, and you could tell that if he wasn’t stoned he would have been up and investigating things.

Then he curled up in my lap, so I gave him a kitty massage and sang his favorite song to him, “Hey Roo” by the Beatles. …what? It’s “Hey Jude”? Pfffft. It isn’t. It’s “Hey Roo” and goes like this:

Hey, Roo, don’t be so sad
You’re a sick cat, but you’ll get better.
Remember to listen to your vet
Then you can start to get better.

Hey, Roo, don’t be afraid,
You can come home when you get better.
Remember to start to eat some noms
Then you’ll get strong, and you’ll get better.

And any time that you’re in pain,
Hey Roo, remain, you carry my heart upon your shoulders
For don’t you know that I’m a fool
In love with you
Without you my world is so much colder

Na na na na na na na na naaaaaaaa

Hey, Roo, don’t let me down
Ellen found you, and you got better
The minute you listen to your vet
Once again, you’ll get better.

You’re curly and you’re full of win, hey Roo, begin,
To whine for breakfast and for dinner
I know you know that I love you, hey Roo, you’ll do,
Just pretty please don’t get any thinner.

Hey, Roo, don’t be so sad,
You are a sick cat, but you’ll get better
Remember to listen to your vet
Then you can start to get better.

He fell asleep somewhere around the third verse and I cuddled him while he napped and then came home. Dr. Andi thinks he’ll have turned the corner by this morning and will probably be ready to come home today. Fingers crossed!

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  1. If love can heal, he’ll be a well kitty in no time.

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