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Soup for Sick Kitties

As I write this on Monday, Roo is unwell. He got vetted and got a shot of antibiotics, but since he hadn’t eaten for 24 hours he’s pretty miserable with nausea from an empty stomach. I’m hoping he turns around, if he’s not doing better soon I don’t know what I’ll do. I love that little cat so hard — well, I love all of them, but Roo is special.

So anyway, I stopped off on the way home from work to pick up a Cornish game hen for Soup for Sick Kitties. It’s a long way from a complete diet, but it’s a pretty palatable way to get some calories into a kitty who isn’t eating. Roo’s had 10ccs, carefully dribbled into his mouth about two-tenths of a cc at a time.

One cornish game hen
Kitten Milk Replacer powder

Cut the hen into quarters and drop in a pot. Boil until cooked. Reserve the broth and keep your burner warm. When the chicken is cooked through, pull it out and strip the skin off and discard (too much fat). Pick the meat from the bones and drop the bones back in the pot and simmer them for a while to get some more micronutrients into the broth. Shred the meat as much as you need to for your blender to handle it, then drop the meat and enough broth to make it liquid into the blender. Liquify the chicken and let cool. This is your soup base.

When ready to feed the sick kitty, pull out however much of a serving you need of liquid chicken. Add the yolk of one egg, no white. Blend vigorously with a fork. When it’s all one smooth, homogenous mixture again, get out your KMR powder. Add a generous scoop of KMR to the mixture and beat with a fork.

Add more broth as necessary. If you need to dribble it into a kitty’s mouth with a syringe, you will need it pretty dang liquid. If you have a sick kitty who will eat on his own, you can leave it more of a wet food consistency. Feed the kitty by whatever method works.


Hopefully before this posts I will be able to come back and edit it to tell you that Roo is his usual obnoxious self about food again.

I’m worried.

Tuesday evening: Roo perked up enough to have some water on his own today, but still won’t eat. I just got 24cc’s of Soup for Sick Kitties down him, somewhat faster this time as I gave up coaxing and went for Maximum Calories before he started fighting it. Tomorrow he’ll go back to the vet.

There is nothing worse than wrapping your cat in a towel and squirting food down his throat to force him to live while he glares hate-daggers at you for the indignity.

3 thoughts on “Soup for Sick Kitties

  1. Worrying here, too.

  2. Roo is a lucky kitty. *hug*

  3. Thinking get well thoughts for the Roo.

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