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Tulips!  A row of tulips, some with pink petals edged with white, others pure white.  The petals are slightly ruffled.  Behind them is the lattice around the bottom of the porch.

We planted some other bulbs last fall, but nothing else is flowering. Daniel thinks we were clever and bought bulbs that would flower at different times. I do not have that much faith in my bulb-selection process (“Oooo, pretty!!!”) but time will tell! Also I have no clue what the bigger green blade-like leaves on the left side are, because we planted bulbs and then threw away the packets.

5 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. Daniel is correct that you were clever! Different tulips will bloom from mid April through late May around here. I have late bloomers…fitting since I was a late bloomer myself! ;) And it looks like the bigger green blade plants might be lilies. When your tulips are done, those should be ramping up! You’ll have blooms galore!

  2. Also, did you buy deer-resistant bulbs? I don’t have deer, so my tulips (later than yours) are OK, but squirrels seem to like crocus bulbs. Or maybe they just think they need to move your acorns to a better hiding place.

    1. Um. This may account for the fact that I could SWEAR we bought crocuses, but I saw no crocuses this spring…

  3. I’m going to second that the plants on the left are lilies. I’ve got lilies that look just like that in early spring. It’ll be interesting to see what color they are since you don’t remember! Surprise!

    1. I suspect them of being some variety of day-lily, at least they look a LOT like the day lilies we already have.

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