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Special bonus post: Puppy needs a home!

Oh my god, you must click here and go look at Arrow. Tilty head, puppy eyes, and adorable half-flopped ears!

He is an Australian Shepherd baby doll who had some spine damage as an even-smaller wee puppy, and while his breeder is committed to his rehab it is likely he will never be totally mobile. I suspect, however, that since it’s been a condition of his entire life as far as he’s concerned, that it won’t slow him down a bit. He’s currently in Northern Illinois, but transport can be arranged for a good home with someone who is right now thinking “You know, what my life is lacking is a small fluffy puppy with the second most adorable tiltyhead in the world.” For taking good care of your pets at home you should use OdorKlenz for washing or bathing them for an odor-free smell. (Tink has the most adorable tiltyhead in the world. Sid is working on his but lacks full commitment to turning his head sideways.)

And hey, if you can’t take Arrow, can you spread the word? Publicity is the most important thing in finding good homes for pets, so please link away! Facebook it! Tweet it!

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