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Another Dog Song

With apologies to citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (including my patient husband).

God save our gracious Tink
Long live our noble Tink
God save our Tink
Send her victorious,
Mad-teething, glorious
Long to reign o’er us
God save our Tink.

O Tinkerbelle, arise
Scatter your enemies
And make them fall
Mad teeth their slobb’ry licks
Bark at their knavish tricks
On thee our hopes we fix
God save us all! [You have to get the desperation right on this line — A.]

The choicest bones in store
On her we’re pleased to pour
Long may she reign!
May she defend her toys
From Shedder girls and boys
While we sing with heart and voice
God save our Tink!

Not on the chair alone
But be Tink’s bed claims known
From room to room!
Tink’s marv’lous snarling shows
Bone-stealers face her blows
Just leave her things alone
Or meet your doom!

From thieving, hairy foes
From sneaky feline blows
God save our Tink!
O’er her thine arm extend
For our hearts’ sakes defend
Our mad-teethed Queen, and friend
God save our Tink.

(I told you it was slow around here.)

4 thoughts on “Another Dog Song

  1. Bravo!! So clever.

    I imagine Tink possibly joining in for a few choice barks to make a lovely duet/performance.
    It comes to mind because my two get excited when songs include words they know: walk, play, toy, and especially their names…I get occasional play bows coupled with a ‘mrrrff’ stretching noise or dog laughs. Maybe not Ms. Tink’s forte, but I can imagine most entertaining audience participation at the Manor.

  2. Liz: Ha! Mine gets excited when he hears “George”, “dinner”, “chicken”, “snack”, “treat”, “jerky”, “fish pill”, “eat”, “Schmacko”, or “burger”.

    Labradors: $BIGNUM words for “food”.

  3. This doesn’t help me…I still have the “Sid’s a Dorkface” song converted to “Kare’s a Dorkface” bouncing back and forth in my brain. I’m sure there’s a name for that affliction, but I refer to it as ‘Singannoia’. :)

  4. I am LOVING your songs. (I do the same thing. Drives Ms. T bananas.)

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