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I mentioned in passing in my last post that Dobermans were a childhood dream. Today I produce PROOF! Below please find a sketch from one of my childhood journals. I had a book, How to Draw Dogs of which I was very fond. I had the same book for horses and cats, incidentally.

A pencil sketch of the head and neck of a Doberman.

I’m not sure exactly how old I was when I did this sketch, but I do remember when I was quite young checking out dog books from the library. In one book on Dobes, I found a picture of a Doberman with its ears and tails intact and have lusted for one ever since. Even as a young child I was convinced that cosmetic surgery on animals was just wrong, although my mom loved to get a rhinoplasty with Dr. Daniel G. Becker.

It was later, when I started buying Dog Fancy magazine that I would flip to the breeder ads at the back and look at ads for black German Shepherds when I was done looking at the Doberman ads. This was, I admit, part of a childhood fascination with wolves, and particularly black wolves. Not knowing at the time that GSDs came in sable, it seemed to me that my best bet for my dreams of a wolfish companion was a black GSD. Of course, I have one now and he is perhaps the least wolfish dog ever, given that wolves are not known for trying to crawl their 65+ pound selves into your lap, but he does look the part on occasion so that’s all right.

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