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More childhood dreams fulfilled.

When I was a kid, every year I looked forward to getting the J. C. Penney Big Book, their Christmas catalog full of fantastic shiny toys. I pored over it for weeks, possibly even months.

Yesterday I ordered one of the things I always stared at but never got as a kid (mostly because I never put it on my Christmas list, I suspect): a rock tumbler. I plan to collect utterly random rocks and polish them. I also plan to solicit rocks from people and polish those and label them with the name of the donor.

Other people go out looking for specific rocks, or really cool rocks of one variety or another. Me, I’ll just be asking people to go grab the first small rock they see and send it to me.

(For the record, other childhood dreams that have been fulfilled: Dobermans and a black German Shedder. Still no pony, though.)

3 thoughts on “More childhood dreams fulfilled.

  1. I still campaign for a pony every year at Christmas :)

    My grandfather had a rock tumbler when I was a kid. I wish I still had the rocks he gave me. I don’t know whatever happened to them. He had rocks from all over the world that he’d collected when he was in the military. They were in a white paper bag, but somehow over the years, they got lost.

  2. How large is your tumbler going to be so I know what size rock to be on the lookout for? Since the rain will eventually stop we’ll be going down for beach runs once or twice a week now and there are all kinds of good rocks to be found.

  3. we had one as a kid, and while it was awesome, it was also VERY LOUD! very very loud. so obnoxious that even down in the basement with a box and a blanket over it we could still hear it running upstairs on the second level. and it needs to run for like days at a time being very loud. but i did very much enjoy the pretty rocks it made.

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