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You learn something new every day.

Yesterday I wound up coming home early because of a headache that was making me nauseated and miserable. They happen. I was kind of bitter about it because for the first time this year it hit 80F and warm weather is my favorite, and there I was in no state to enjoy it.

Anyway, I made it home and staggered and flopped into bed, leaving all the dogs on the other side of a 41″ baby gate (It’s one of these[1] and cool as heck, they have little cat doors in the bottom) so my wonderful husband could rub my neck so I could get to sleep. Unfortunately, Sid was upset by this. He stood outside the bedroom whining and moaning and periodically standing up and putting his front paws on top of the gate and rattling it , the very picture of distressed and affronted service dog candidate. His person was feeling unwell! And here he was with this stupid gate preventing him from sticking his tongue up her nose!

Which is probably why he decided to go over the gate. He did it very neatly, too, one small rattle that sounded like all the other rattles he’d been making in his quest to get into the bedroom. Once inside, he came and stuck his tongue up my nose, and in my ear, and snuffled me extensively to make sure I was going to live, and then he got in his crate. His little world was all right again.

Lesson learned: 40″ baby gates are an agreement between me and Sid, not an actual barrier. Then again I should have known, since Tink has gone over one before. Athletic dogs make life a lot more challengingfun.


4 thoughts on “You learn something new every day.

  1. I have that babygate. Two out of three dogs can squeeze themselves through the cat door. It’s relatively impressive, actually….

    1. All of mine except Beowulf have *tried* to get through the cat door, but it doesn’t work out very well for them. So far only two have gone over that I know of — Tink went out of the bedroom one night, and Sid has come in!

      1. Mushroom tried and pulled it down on top of himself so now is very respectful of it. He’s the only one I really need to keep out of that room (where the cat boxes are), so it’s ok that the other two can go through it.

  2. Ha, yes, the ones who want to take care of you do tend to feel affronted by any unauthorized distance between you. Duncan doesn’t go over the yard fence, because of the hot wire to keep the Setters in, but he has learned to lift the gate latches… so they’re all clipped shut now.

    As for the kiddie gate in the house, I’m going to have to tie it shut, he’s still managing to open it, open my room door and check that I’m not there when I head off to work. Which would be fine, if not for Star’s resource guarding of toys that come out of the room….

    Good on Sid for checking on you, then knocking it off to take up an “I’m here if you need me” position.

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