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You’re a big chicken now…

Bebelina, looking all grown up in yesterday afternoon’s soft light:
A side view of a young brown chicken.  Her body feathers have black penciling on them, and her neck feathers are black with bright golden edges.  Her comb and wattles are a lovely red.

For scale:
To the left, a black chicken whose neck feathers have coppery edging.  Behind her is a solid black chicken.  Next from left to right is Bebelina, and then behind Bebelina is a white chicken whose feathers have black edging.  All the chickens have their heads down, picking through the bounty of eggshells, greenbeans, and hearts of romaine lettuce that were tossed out to them.
From left to right that’s Ayinnanku, Matilda, Bebelina, and Lorena. Look how big the little girls are!

We’re giving them back all their eggshells, plus whatever greens we happen to not eat while at their best, plus general vegetable kitchen waste. They get really excitable about this kind of bounty, picking out the best eggshells to eat and getting into little chickeny squabbles over them. It’s all kinds of adorable.

3 thoughts on “You’re a big chicken now…

  1. I heart chickens. Love to see the happy hens at your place. I could spend hours just watching the 80+ chickens at the sanctuary. :)

  2. They are actually quite beautiful, aren’t they? The color of the feathers is striking!

  3. What breed is Bebelina? I have a pullet that looks the same but I don’t know what breed she is. Very beautiful hens you have!

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