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How do you improve on perfection?

Well, in the case of The Perfect Leash what I custom ordered from Bold Lead Designs, you add a swivel between the collar and the body of the leash.

Yes, I did order a second custom leash, why do you ask? I have been searching for The Perfect Leash my WHOLE DOG-OWNING LIFE and having found it I was not about to be without backup. The Perfect Leash is a multi-function lead with integrated limited-slip collar. Configure it as a normal 6′ lead, and you have a toileting/normal walk leash. Take it down to its shortest length and it’s the PERFECT shoulder-leash to keep Siddy right where I need him for balance work. The swivel-less version is absolutely fantastic, but the addition of a swivel has made it even better, something I did not think could be done.

I will have to get pics of the Perfecter Leash in action, because all you dog owners will be all “Dang, I wish I had a leash that cool.” Helpfully, I have pointed you at the shop where you can get one!

3 thoughts on “How do you improve on perfection?

  1. Ooh. Wait. Ok, yeah, so, life ate me and I’m catching up now, but, shit, wait — perfect leash? Sounds very much like my most favouritest leash of all that my friend gave me for Dragon nearly 12 years ago and I’ve never been able to find another of and I ADORE.

    I have to go look! You have to give a good photo of? Oh PLEASE?

    1. Will try to get you a good leash photo! But definitely check out Bold Lead Designs and get a gander at their stuff, they have fabulous, well-made leashes. Mine looks like their regular 6 foot multifunction lead, but it has a limited-slip collar on the end that would normally clip to a leash!

      1. I shall have to find you a photo of what I have, too….

        Originally it was called a ‘police lead’ but no police leads I have seen actually look like it. My friend Lisa got it for me for SAR work, and its…. just indispensable now. Really.

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