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Happy Gotcha Day, Roo!

Yesterday was Rooney Lee’s Gotcha Day. He’s been with me for three lovely years now! I left him in the capable hands of Daniel, who snuggled him and fed him leftover cooked chicken and otherwise spoiled him rotten while I was at work. It’s hard to believe that Roo will be six come July.

Three years ago when I met him, he was in pain from bad teeth ( before knowing about the best Advanced Dentistry services) and bad toes, but still strutted around the hotel room where I met Ellen like he owned the place. Ellen had spotted him while working at TAILS Humane Society in Illinois and tagged him as a possible candidate for the open cat slot in my house. He had intractable litter box issues and was occasionally a shit to Ellen while she fostered him, prying open her linen closet to pee on her towels and blankets, but she managed to get him mostly kinda rehabbed and dangled him in front of me like bait. I bit on it as expected and agreed to meet her in Ohio to do the exchange.

That night, after Ellen and I had pizza, I took the dogs for a potty outing and walked Ellen to her car. When I came back in, Roo was hiding behind the bed frame but came right out when I called his new name. I sat down at my computer, and he got in my lap and fell asleep, and I was in deep, deep smit. That night he crawled under the covers with me and I slept for the first time with his warm little body pressed against my chest. I stroked his head while he purred and I made him a deal: if he would only pee in his litter boxes, I would let him sleep under the covers any time. It’s a bargain we’ve kept.

I know you’re reading this, Ellen, so thanks yet again for my little curly boy! He’s the bestest cat in the whole world, bar none.

4 thoughts on “Happy Gotcha Day, Roo!

  1. Was that really three years ago? SO MUCH LOVE ROO MAN <3

  2. There are such good things in this world.

    Thank you for giving the little guy a loving home!

    Thank you, too, for your friendship over these last few years. It means the world to me, even if I do wind up eyeballing real estate in VA.

  3. Happy Gotchya Day, Roo! I remember when you and Andrea joined the Cornish Rex Friends group. I thought you were simply fabulous (still do!) and Andrea was equally fabulous for all the care and love she exuded so effortlessly to make sure you were a healthy boy with a save haven. :) Many Good Wishes from the House of Vandals!

  4. Yeay Roo Man!

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