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Quick hit: Sid

A pic taken this weekend while visiting Blackthorn Kennel. I got to snorgle the little puppies, doing my weekend job as Official Blackthorn Hand Model and Puppy Wrangler (pics here, and check out Primus who I am pretty sure has a future as a Schutzhund star judging from his full-mouth grip on my finger), and Christine was nice enough to help me get a stacked shot of Sid. Well, it’s not precisely a show stack, but dang is he one handsome, nicely built Shedder. Not that I’m biased, observe for yourself!

Sid, a black German Shedder, stands just off full profile to the camera in the classic German Shepherd pose: one back leg back, the other up under his knee.  He looks toward the camera and smiles, mostly because it's me taking the picture and he loves his Mama.

4 thoughts on “Quick hit: Sid

  1. Andrea, Sid is a very handsome fellow, indeed! Please give him a tummy rub on my behalf. :)

  2. Kristine does make some absolutely lovely dogs. I mean you get some credit for conditioning but there’s no denying the amount of thought and care that went into the actual genetic process.

  3. …I’m gonna move in and start photographing your dogs.

    Just givin’ you forewarning.

    1. Haha, I am always trying to get people to get pictures of my dogs, preferably with me even in the picture.

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