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Special Bulletin: World’s Awesomest Cat House

So, the fabulous cat house that Roo and Aida were sharing in yesterday’s post? The Best Mother Ever made it, from thrift-store sweaters that she felted in her washing machine. It is lined with reflective insulation to keep kitties toasty warm. The Best Mother Ever says prices start at around $400, because it was evidently a pain in the ass to make. It even has a little cardinal on the roof, a notion which she bought, but it is looking slightly worse for wear after Emmaline decided to try to eat it.

I was going to upload pics of the other three sides of the house, which feature MORE FLOWERS and also BUMBLEBEES and DRAGONFLIES and FAKE WINDOWS with pics of Roo and Braxton looking out, but I’m a little afraid of setting off some kind of cat cave riot.

Oh and the reason you never saw it before is because Mom delivered it when she came up to babysit while Daniel and I went to Kentucky. I promise, I have not been hiding the World’s Best Cat Cave from you out of spite!

3 thoughts on “Special Bulletin: World’s Awesomest Cat House

  1. I, for one, promise not to riot. I want to see the other sides of the Most Awesome Cat Cave Ever! :)

  2. …I may riot a little, but I promise I’ll do it quietly.

  3. Please post the other pictures; that is a great house. Anonymous (lol)

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