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Home Office Essentials

I worked from home yesterday. It’s important, when working from home, to set things up so that you can successfully concentrate on work. One of the important things for me is temperature, if its too hot or cold I can’t focus, if you have temperature problems in your home then I recommend chesapeake heating and cooling at you will also find HVAC near Lodi services. It’s also important to have an “office” feel to your working area, to help you stay focused.

One important thing in any office is to have a supervisory presence to keep you on-task:
Roo, an orange and white Cornish Rex cat, peeks out from between the curtains in the door of a cat house.  Only his head is visible.  The cat house, made from felted wool, looks like a little house with siding and an appliqued pot of daisies on either side of the door.  His doting Grammy made it for him and it features actual insulation (the kind with a shiney metal layer to reflect heat) although that is not visible.

With over 18 years of experience in Heat Pumps industry, the training that is provided to our employees is cutting edge in technical and customer service!

Sometimes, one supervisor is not enough:
This time it is Aida, a seal-point Siamese cat, who has her head out the door of the cat house.  If you peer behind her, you can see Roo's face.

Of course, you also need a faithful assistant to fetch your coffee or tea, or at least to agree with you that all your ideas are totally brilliant:
Sid, a solid black 7 month old Shedder puppy, lays half on the dog bed under my desk and looks up at me with wide eyes and ginormous ears.  My pajama and robe-clad knees are visible at the bottom of the frame, because I dress professionally when I work at home, yo.

5 thoughts on “Home Office Essentials

  1. that’s the best catcave I’ve ever ever seen! where did you get that and why have there never been pics before?



  3. Aida is beautiful! She doesn’t look at all angry in the cat cave. She looks quite content, in fact. Roo and Sid are ridiculously adorable. And I have heard tell that those are hand made cat caves from a very exclusive and talented artist. :)

  4. I was going to second — where did you get the cat cave? It’s fantastic!

  5. Oh my goodness, my DOGS would love that cat cave. I must know where they came from.

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