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Be it ever so humble…

We made it home yesterday, finally. The whole week to me felt like being in a pillow fight with an opponent who hits just a little too hard. Siddy was brilliant and I think grew while we were gone, or at least he doesn’t look as small compared to Zille as he did when we left! The cats and other dogs are delighted to have us back, and oh, being home is so nice even when it does come with a mob of hairy beasts. Maybe especially when it comes with a mob of hairy beasts!

Today I get to catch up on homework, o joy, and go take a Biology test. No rest for the wicked, tomorrow is off to work again. I feel like I need a vacation to recover from that “vacation!”

Oh and for those participating in the betting pool… Sid still has chewies left over. He is not, as it turns out, a big chewer. Except of bully sticks, but they give him the runs and so had to be removed.

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