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Road trip, Day 4

Sid was a great help cleaning out Andre’s apartment yesterday, or at least getting out of there everything that I wanted, which was nothing much. While they had a whole mess there, I had got me one of the hotels in Liverpool to stay for the next week. Today we took him to PetSmart where we got him a gross smoked section of marrow bone to chew on, and he picked out a yellow canvas duck with a rattling ball in its head.

The duck thing was pretty hilarious, we were walking past it and it caught his eye and he snatched it off the shelf and started trying to power toward the front of the store. He carried the duck to the register, where I took it away from him to pay for it, then chewed its beak off while Daniel and I went to a book store and left him in the car. When we got back to the hotel he left it in the car to go potty, then carried it from the car to the hotel, up the stairs, and into the room. Evidently he has needed a yellow canvas duck to make his life complete, and now he has one and is a happy camper. Bless him, he’s a simple boy.

Meanwhile I need to start blitzing him on loose-leash walking and once we’ve got that down I will probably go ahead and start working him in public in “in training” gear to teach him that when we are geared up, we ignore everything but Mom, including other people, other dogs, and yellow canvas ducks.

3 thoughts on “Road trip, Day 4

  1. I don’t know the answer to this, but should you teach him to pull on a harness before teaching him to walk loose on a collar/leash?

  2. Oh my word. What an incredibly wonderful puppy!

  3. wait, if you bought him MORE toys, who wins the bet? Do the new toys count? :)

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