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Road Trip: Day 3

Yesterday, Sid taught himself to open the bathroom door here at the hotel, which has a lever knob. He taught himself this because I was in the bathroom trying to take a nice private bath, which is unacceptable to him.

I’ve also introduced him to the clicker. We aren’t using verbal cues for anything yet, we’re mostly just getting him used to the idea that click = treat. Basically any behavior I may want to put on cue later, he gets a click and a treat for: looking at me, getting on the bed, getting off the bed, sitting, lying down, falling over on his side, heaving a great emo sigh at how hard his life is… all of the above gets him a click and a treat.

The star of the trip as far as dog gear goes, though, has been my custom lead from Bold Lead Designs. It’s one of their multi-function leads with a limited-slip collar grafted on the end and the thing is absolutely fantastic as far as getting a puppy in and out of the car and hotel room with a minimum of fuss.

Today we’ll go through my father’s apartment, and I need to get ahold of the lawyer who handled my grandfather’s estate and see if he will handle the rest of the estate for me, and how much that will cost and how long it will take. This trip is no fun with the exception of what a star Sid is.

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