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Road trip Day 2

So here we are in Paducah, Kentucky, ensconced in a hotel with Sid the Wonder Puppy. We drove from the Manor to my parents’ house on Saturday afternoon, spent the night with the Best Dad Ever, and then headed out around 0730 Sunday to make our way to the western tip of Kentucky, I want to tell you guys that if you are traveling around the area make sure to check where you will find all the business and stores around the area.

Sid is an angel in the car. He doesn’t even chew a bunch, just settles in, goes to sleep, and only rarely sticks his cold wet nose in your ear, and I pretty much have to have my pillow that I got from The Comfy Traveler at all times. He potties promptly on leash, drinks politely from his bowl when water is offered, and is otherwise an ideal traveling buddy. Even at 6 years old, Tink and Beowulf are way more trouble than this guy is at six months old.

Today is my father’s memorial, then the rest of the week will be spent in things like going through his apartment, doing paperwork, and all the other assorted chores that go with a death. There may be some time in there to visit some of the family I have that still lingers in the area; I hope so anyway! And meanwhile I have to try to stay caught up with my homework. Whew.

For those of you in on the betting pool, because of Sid’s weirdly low chew drive, all chewies are still in chewable condition. He’s a really odd puppy in some ways…

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