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My First Betting Pool

We’re getting ready to head out to Kentucky. Juniper has been safely ensconced in his new home, so the Best Mother Ever will only have three adult dogs and five cats to deal with for the week.

Anyway, Siddy is going with us because I love my mother and feel that a week with a six month old puppy who is mostly an angelbaby but occasionally tries to fit the whole world in his mouth, and if that doesn’t work smacks it with his ginormopaws (a maneuver we refer to as “Siddy SMASH!”), and if that still doesn’t work barks and snaps at it, would probably take years off her life.

It’s roughly 740 miles to Kentucky, making for a total of a 12 hour trip. We’ll head down to Roanoke today and stay the night at my parents’ house with the Best Dad Ever, then continue on tomorrow.

I have purchased $60 worth of quality tasty chews for Sid, ranging from a Nylabone Souper (NEW TEXTURED DESIGN!) to two 24″ bully sticks. In the comments, please post your guess for how long these supplies will last. The closest guess will win a horrible prize of some sort. Possibly the gnawed remains of the hotel room we’ll be staying in for the next week, or an autographed pic of Tink, or the right to name the next cat who winds up in my bathroom or something.

3 thoughts on “My First Betting Pool

  1. Nylabone – the weekend – it will be gone on Monday
    Bully Sticks – 1 hour 16 minutes each

  2. be gone before you leave your parents’.

  3. Hm. $60 in toys….I’m going to go with they’ll be gone by the second evening.

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