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Emergency Cat Network, activate!

There’s a lot going on here, with full time work, full time school, and now a death in the family that is going to require my presence 700 miles west of here next week. But I interrupt this busy-ness to bring you A KITTY WHAT NEEDS A HOME.

She is a 6-12 month old black and white tuxedo kitty who needs to be an ONLY CAT because she is FIV positive and is hissing at the resident cat through the bathroom door at her foster home. She is also a love-bug who likes to sit on your lap. She’s in Dallas, Texas, and the foster is willing to drive her or arrange transport quite a ways to get her to a new home. Also, she is spayed and vax’d, so here is your plug and play cat! Also, take a gander at the unbearable cuteness:

A leggy kitty, her face and body black but her underside shiny white, poses charmingly in front of a bathroom mirror.

More information, and her foster’s contact information, is right here. Go on, you know you want her, or you know a catless person who definitely needs a snuggly lap kitten. So if you can’t take her yourself, can you help us pass the word?

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