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This about sums up the first day with Sid.

Sid, a black 6 month old German Shedder, leans in so close to the camera that you cannot see his nose, which is under the lens's field of view, just his intense brown eyes and his ginormous ears. His mouth is full of a yellow canvas duck.

Hey, lady, whatcha doin? What’s that thing on your face? Can I help? Do you want to touch my duck? We could play tug! Touch the duck, lady, you know you want to!

He’s actually freakishly well-behaved and I am waiting with trepidation for the honeymoon period to be over. The only minor snag is his deep dislike of being separated from people, which means that when crated he has a tendency to become EMO PUPPY, complete with sad, sad noises. As I write this, he has stuffed himself under my desk and is thoughtfully licking my toes. So, y’know, things are actually going pretty well. Tink doesn’t even mind him too much.

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  1. those are good traits in a service dog though right?
    you have dobes silly…you should be use to Hemorrhoid Dogs

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