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The Notorious S. I. D.

Today, after English class, comes a trip down to Blackthorn Kennel to hang out, enjoy the company, and oh yeah, pick up Service Dog Candidate #1 for a 30 day trial run.

The dog in question is Obsidian, of the O litter (obviously), a dog I have kind of adored since I first snorgled him at 14 days old. In fact, as he got older, I was forbidden (by myself and Christine) to take him for a week for socializing, because we both knew he’d NEVER LEAVE.

Well, anyway, what with one thing and another and my pain levels and planning for service doggery, it occurred to us that Sid would actually be a pretty good candidate dog: confident, people-oriented, worky but not so insanely worky he’ll drive me nuts, and should be big enough to work well as a mobility/balance dog. So he’s coming home with me and Daniel to start a 30 day evaluation, in which I will drag him out in public and work on some training with him and generally see if I think he and I can get where we need to go as a team, which is to say enough obedience to achieve public access and enough concern for me and even more training that he can be Mr. Hairy Cane. One plus is that he’s about seven months old now, which cuts down the wait time until his growth plates have fused and he can do weight-bearing work.

Pictures of course, will follow.

2 thoughts on “The Notorious S. I. D.

  1. That’s what I call the best of both worlds – he’ll come with puppy pictures and puppy memories, but he’s old enough to have got over the worst of puppy annoying and inconvenient before actually LIVING with you. Nicely done XD

  2. sid is such a beautiful dog! (why yes i AM a sucker for black dogs) hope the evaluation period goes well.

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