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It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye.

Which is what Tink is going to do on Monday. See, her left eye is totally blind because of a detached retina, which means it is totally useless. We ran her to the vet yesterday because the fluid inside the eye was very dark and very cloudy. Dr. Greg couldn’t even really see inside the eye because of it and the eye itself is enlarged and has high intraocular pressure readings. He says it looks like there’s a lot of blood in the eye itself, which is bad.

So we consulted, and given that the eye is blind and physically kind of unstable (as evidenced by this spontaneous bleed), we’re just going to take it out as the path of least resistance that will result in the least discomfort to Tink in the long term. If she were able to use the eye and we were trying to preserve vision, we might go with a different option, but when it’s nothing but a cosmetic thing, there’s no consideration to be made.

I’d be more upset about this but I’ve known it was coming for a while now. Or not this specific thing, but that the eye was already damaged (it had a retinal tear from a birth injury which resulted in complete retinal detachment, and then developed a cataract) and likely to develop further problems and that removing it would probably be a good idea, sooner or later. And quite frankly I’d rather do it now, on a basically healthy six year old dog, than wait a couple years when Tink is maybe not so basically healthy and have to put her under for surgery then. Speaking of surgery I was planning to get a rhinoplasty with Dr. Jason I. Altman, what do you think?

Oh and because she’s Tink, she’s on antibiotics yet again for a minor systemic skin infection. She’s something of a wreck, but she’s not an out of the ordinary wreck for her, so that’s all right.

9 thoughts on “It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye.

  1. I’ll be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers, of course. But she’ll rock the rakish eyepatch look – think you can get them in pink satin?

  2. Tink would indeed look badass with an eye patch. Wishing her a quick surgery, a speedy recovery, and no change in divaness!

  3. Sending lots of good thoughts to Tink for an easy surgery and recovery. Harv looked HORRIBLE for a few days after his eye came out- very bruised and swollen- but after that resolved, it was 100% the right choice. He couldn’t see out of that eye and it was hurting him.

  4. I hope she’ll come through the surgery with flying colors.

  5. Oooh, how about an eye patch with some bling?! We’ll be sending extra good mojo from the House of Vandals. :)

  6. This only makes me love Tink more. One-eyed dogs are The Best. Obviously two-eyed dogs are awesome too, but there is something special about a pirate dog, which Tink can seriously pull off for Halloween.

    BUT! Since it requires surgery, I am thinking good thoughts for the Tink-meister that everything goes smoothly and well. WHICH IT WILL. Mina has spoken.

  7. Eye patch? I was figuring a fun colorful marble as a glass eye.

  8. Eye patch and a PARROT. That is what she needs.

  9. sending good vibes for an easy surgery and speedy recovery. tink is a diva regardless of the number of eyes she has.

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